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Oil free Compressors

Features & benefits:

100% Oil Free
* Chicago Pneumatic oil free compression chamber ensures your demand of 100% oil-free compressed air is met to the fullest.

* Our oil-free cylinders with PTFE rings and extra-long distance guarantees oil free air for your critical process.

* The machine is packaged & tested as per BS 1571 Part-II

Reliability & high uptime
*Designed for 24x7 Industrial Applications, meets your continuous need of compressed Air.

*Time Proven 2/3/4 stage Compression process

*Superior Stainless steel valves, precise sizing and selection of every components for highest efficiency and reliable performance

Foundation - free design
Horizontal BOP design and dynamically balanced comes with Unique base frame design & special elastomer AVM, needing no special foundation

Integrated electrical starter & Control panel
The professionally designed Star-Delta starter panel integrated on the compressor skid. Option of Integrated VSD Panel ensures what you pay for what you use. The design provides easy access to component for trouble free operations.

Customize Solutions
Thanks to our vide range of options, we can customize compressor you choose to meet your precise needs. Our extensive experience recognized in engineered machines as per API 618 compliance*, provides end to end solutions to customers. Diversified inAir & N2 applications.

Auto Drain
Intergrated Timer based Auto drain eliminates risk of moisture content in compressed air. Effective moisture separation. Committed to provide Quality Air to your process & applications.

Smart design
* Totally integrated package with our time time tested oil free piston technology comes as plug & play unit.
* Monitor critical parameter during operation
* Overall system performance with pro-active service indications & safety features
* All monitoring & control functions through single interface
* Integration with external communication system like Modbus, Profibus etc

High Efficient Drive System
The energy efficient TEFC design motor is designed for 50 Deg C Ambient condition with IP 55 protection. These motors are rated for continuous duty and low speed design for longer life. Intelligent 3 part belt guard design ensures easy assemble and dismantle process.

CP Model
FAD range in cfm(*) @ 10 bar g Motro Rating (HP)
VX 50NP/S - VSD 76-190 50
VX 75N P/S - VSD 117-293 75
VX 120N P/S - VSD 178-446 120
VN 150N P/S - VSD 231-578 150
VN 215N P/S-VSD 300-753 215
VN 240N P/S - VSD 393-938 240
Note :
  • All packaged versions include compressor, motor, after cooler, control panel suitably mounted on a deck, Air dryer & Receiver are optional supplies.
  • Self contained packaged versions include in addition to the above a close circuit water cooling system, thus eliminating the need for external water supply.
  • Pressure can be set between 5 to 10 bar g for VSD models (*) FAD and Power Tolerance as per BS-1571 latest edition.
  • The above performances are given a sea levels
  • Suffix P- package, S - Self contained, PS Pacakage & self contained

Compressed air package configured to suit every need


Capacity: 55-1519 cfm

Intel Pressure: Atmospheric

Working Pressure: 32-42 bar

Motor HP: 25-540


Capacity: 42-136 cfm

Intel Pressure: Atmospheric

Working Pressure: 7-9-10 bar

Motor HP: 15-30


Capacity: 576-1182 cfm

Intel Pressure: Atmospheric

Working Pressure: 2.5-4-7-10 bar

Motor HP: 120-215