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Pet Compressors

100 % Oil Free air compressors for PET application

Consistenet quality and efficient production are crucial for any manufacturer's healthy bottom line. Compressed air is a vital resources in PET blow molding operation. Inferior compressed air can lead to poor or unacceptable product quality.

Chicago Pneumatic offers 100% oil free FOOD GRADE air supplying compressors specially for PET blowing industry. The wide range of standard or customised model are designed for 24 hours operation, year after year...

It is an advanced 100% oil-free reciprocoating compressor based air system. Totally engineered, Plant tested, Proven in perforance. Comes with optional built-in water/air cooling system. Needs no elaborate foundation. requires very little time and labor for installation. Ready to use. Just plug in to the power outlet and enjoy quality compressed air.

High reliability & easy of maintenance

  • CP Tronic control panel for easy operation
  • Mark IV regulator (CP Tronic) for control panel
  • Flexible rubber hoses for water piping
  • Oven painted blockand pre-painted assemblies
  • Piston & rider ring designed for annual one time maintenance
  • Endless construction of rider rings

Now you can say good-bye to..

  • Elaborate foundation
  • SIte Engineering
  • Maintenance Headches


CP Valves - suited for annual one time shut-down maintenance
Specifically designed and adapted exclusively for CP compressors, they ensure uninterrupted operation and long service life.
As a result, you only need an annual shut-down for maintenance.
Manufactuered on computerised SPMs, the perfect close tolerances and ensures an aerodynamic flow for low resistance. All of which means higher reliability, least valve losses & power savings.


One piece bearing suited for near life time operation
Shrunk fit bearings ensures proper alignment & clearance thereby reducing wear and tear. They have very high load bearing capacity. Ideally suited for short stroke & higher speed piston compressors. Very high reliability & hardly needs replacement.

Light weight pistons
Result in lesser inertia forces resulting in increased power savings.


The ceramic filled teflon piston and rider rings are higher wear resistant and hence have longer life. The endless type construction for rider rngs give it flexibility to rotate in 120 degrees increasing life by 200%

Crossheads with wide guides to ensure perfect guiding.

Advanceed preventive maintenance system adds value
Comprehensive monitoring through a PLC based interactive control panel which protects the Compressor with built-in warning & shutdown function.
It also helps to make  maintenance   management easier by giving prior indications of service requirements, and also to plan maintenance interventions in advance.
It also helps to assess the actual load on the compressor to optimize your compressor usage thus enabling you to decide the right size of compressor for your future expansion plans.

Optional Accessory

Model HP 55 -1519
Model capacity 25-540
Model 30Po3-40P52
Pressure 24-42 kg