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Screw Compressors CPB Series


CPB Series: High-efficiency compression system
The two asymmetric rotors, which are equal in diameter, are mounted on high-quality, low-wear bearings. The high degree of pressure seal and very fine tolerances reached by the rotors are guaranteed even in low-power operations. The greater production, higher efficiency, durability and dependability of CPB compressors guarantee constant performance over time.
  • Professional and clean technical execution
  • Dry suction filter with silencer.
  • Asymmetrical oil-flooded screw for optimal efficiency
  • Three-phase electric motor, class, F, IP55.
  • V-type belt transmission with guided alignment belt tensioner.
  • Oil receiver with high-efficiency 2-3 ppm air/oil separator filter.
  • Oil level indicator outside the machine.
  • External pre-filter that is easily removable for cleaning
  • Elegant, soundproofed and powder-coated bodywork
  • Steel base plate, designed for access and transport from three sides.
  • Control and adjustment panel with ES 3000 electronic controller
    • Reliability : The attention paid in design and construction, in the selection of components and the certification of our Quality and Environmental Management Systems are our guarantee of a highly reliable product.