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Screw Compressors CPD Series

The CPD series of industrial air compressors ranges from motor ratings 75 hp , 100 hp & 120 hp. each model is available in three pressure variants viz, 8 bar , 10 bar & 13 bar, with capacity ranging from 360 cfm to 530 cfm.

  • • Reliable under any operating conditions and featuring a high-efficiency pump, high-yield electric motor and coaxial coupling.
  • • High-performance element with asymmetrical profile rotors that limit waste and improve overall output thanks to the absence of vibration and the range of nominal speeds.
  • • EFF1 electric motor with cast-iron casing, Class F, IP55 protection, high yield and low heat generation.
  • • Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily handled, even with a transpallet
  • • The design allows the compressor to be positioned close to walls