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Screw Compressors IVR Series

IVR Series: variable speed drive compressors

Chicago Pneumatic's extensive experience with compressed air generating products and various application has taught us that, regardless of compressor size

  • • The amount of compressed air needed varies according to consumption peaks
  • • More the variation in compressed air consumption, more energy is consumed per liter of air produced
  • • Most installations require two or three compressors of different sizes. Variations in the amount of compressed air needed causes constant loading and emptying of the compressors or choked intake.
  • • If a compressor operates on no load, energy is wasted while no work is performed.
  • • If a compressor operates with restricted intake, it consumes more energy than would be required to produce the same amount of compressed air.

Energy saving for every requirement by IVR

  • •  IVR compressors from Chicago Pneumatic operate optimally under any variable load conditions and ensure maximum capacity with minimum consumption.? All components are reliable, efficient and time-proven,and are the standard components used in traditional machines
  • •  The IVR drive selected is the world's leading brand, and is built into the machine
  • •  Compressor with asymmetric screws
  • •  High efficiency, high out put and low noise level
  • •  Main electric motor enclosed, air-cooled with external ventilation and Class F insulation
  • •  Triple-action air/oil separator guarantees compressed air delivery with lower residual-oil content
  • •  Control panel with state-of-the-art control system, microprocessor diagnostics and alphanumerical display for safe, efficient machine management.
  • •  All data displayed in standardized symbols Built-in IVR for compressor speed variation and ramped motor startup, including standard RFI filters.
  • •  Excellent sound proofing by wide, painted steel panels, that are removable for easy access to all internal components.
  • •  Sturdy steel base set-up for easy handling.
  • •  Compact, highly efficient air/air and air/oil coolers maintain optimum oil temperature and keep delivery air cool.